10 reasons why you can not do without a graphic designer

Hi pirates!

This article was written to be sent to your customers. I will not elaborate on the premises (maybe I’ll bore them) and I’ll immediately write down the reasons why graphic designers are important in the shortest and easiest way possible.

1- The graphic designer is the only one who can create your image

There is no other figure capable of doing the same. Or better: they can try all but in most cases nobody will be able to help you because you have to have specific skills, the result of study, work and experience. Here we do not talk about beauty, we talk about functional that is another thing and the graphic designer knows what he does.

2- Wrong communication hazard!

Addressing some improvised “designer” is not just wrong, it’s dangerous! At best you will not reach your audience, at worst you will lose the customers you had . Instead spread the quality of your services you will end up selling a little and close shop, sooner or later. Here the scratch is all there.

3- You do not know how to use the programs, he is … and not only

You can try but if you take care of your business you can not waste time doing a job that you can not do: time is money and first you will start to communicate well and first you will see the results.

Learning to use the programs is possible. Of course, to be able to handle them sufficiently, it takes time and derriere squared but everyone, with constancy, can learn. The fact is that doing graphic design does not mean knowing how to use graphics programs , that is just the tip of the iceberg. We need to know a whole series of concepts, we must have experience, eye, knowledge of the market, of human perception, we must have the target in mind and how it communicates. There are so many things to know: this is why there is this figure that is more important than what you believe. We are in the image age, if you do not do it well … stay out!

4- If you call one randomly to save money, put your company at risk

Someone you know (your cousin, your nephew, your friend) knows how to use the programs a bit, maybe you can save money by asking him? Ok, you’re practically giving a crystal vase to a 2 year old! So much effort , so much sweat, so much money invested to send everything to the air with a similar lightness ? Better not if you care about your company: you have to give it the chance to evolve, offer it the right tools to grow and not invest time and money and then kill it … because of the cousin!

5- The only way to reach new customers is to communicate with them: the designer knows how to do it

What is the point of having a top product, the best services or the most important collaborations if you can not communicate it to people? Which does not mean “telling it around” but it means “making as many things as possible as possible” (repetition is desired). Capture the attention, give the first information very short but fitting and then push future customers to inquire about other channels or in any case in the most appropriate way to their business choices. Because today people are informed and are full of advertising stimuli: how to expect to reach an increasingly complex public without a good communication?

6- The first contact with the customer takes place via communication

Design made bad = poor product. Too heavy as a comparison? Absolutely not! The lack of attention to design is a symptom of lack of attention to the customer, a symptom of poor product. Would you consider it if you saw a bad advertisement? Try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who does not know you and who, perhaps, does not even have primary needs of your product.

7- He sees things that you can not see

There are some things that non-professionals can not see. We are not talking about magic or chemtrails, but with measures that are used to activate the correct perception of the graphic design by future customers. The graphics, however, should not be evaluated with respect to beauty or ugliness (so everyone fancies, as Esther Perel would say) but with respect to functionality. And of course, if it does not do well at all, but this is another matter.

But let’s take an example.

You have a logo for 10 years. You like it, you think it’s well done: you’re also very fond of seeing it, you like it. Yes, because the shapes are a bit like the music: if you do not like a song, then listen to it then you get used to that sound and even begin to hum. The fact is that the logo is such an important element that if it fails to be remembered and does not express the values ​​of the company, it is not doing its job.

Do you think you can see this? No, it is not easy to evaluate good communication if you are not in the sector.

The graph knows how to stimulate the senses and manages to extrapolate a way of being, a feeling or a series of values ​​to be attributed to a symbol that surely will not be the illustration of what you sell, that they did 30 years ago.

8- Needless to make offers if you do not inform the public in the right way

Word of mouth or a makeshift flyer or the ad on Facebook are not enough. Strategy and design go hand in hand: capturing the attention of a particular target is the most important thing to do. Throwing ads into the crowd will not produce the desired results. Studying an audience and producing suitable material is the right way to make more money.

9- You need good material to keep for the future

If you produce good material from the beginning then everything will be simpler: the designer will produce the material you need while thinking about the present but also everything that will be useful in the years to come, in the perfect formats for printing or for specific uses and expected.

10- Pay to multiply the gain

Ask a designer who cares about the communication will enhance the sale: it will be more than paid for the expense!

Many believe it is a waste of time, others think that communication can wait. Are we kidding? Why wait to let people know what they sell? What is this diabolical choice? Hurry up, who arrives first (and better) can win the battle with the competitors … the others remain behind!

10 bis – The designer teaches you to have taste: listen to what he recommends

It is in your interest to succeed in enhancing your communication. Whether it is an agency or a freelancer, the person who takes care of the communication will advise you for the best and the relationship will eventually improve your point of view: slowly you will begin to recognize the rules to follow and you will finish , together, to collaborate and achieve increasingly important results.

Here, I finished the 10 reasons but I could continue indefinitely.

The advice is to be able to intercept a good professional, create with him a relationship of trust and start a continuous collaboration , so as to spend less and less time for communications. And pay for it without any fuss : it’s a professional and without him you’ll never reach a bigger audience.

I want to finish the article with a question: does the graphic sell fuffa? Yes, it would be able to sell that too, the important thing is to call a good one and collaborate better with him.