A chat with Maurizio Pagnozzi

Image result for Maurizio PagnozziHere, I happened to meet the speaker of the Brand Design Tour Maurizio Pagnozzi since he came back to Italy to come to us. Two questions I could not do it! Let’s get to know him better!

Maurizio, you’re already back in Italy: did you have all this rush to go back for the Brand Design Tour?

Well yes, together with the Pirates we are organizing a unique event of its kind . Two days of training focused exclusively on the Brand Design. We will analyze all the fundamental aspects that lead to the design of a good brand and we will see how the principles of design are applied to this discipline. Participants will then have a targeted view as well as valuable practical advice. In recent years, Brand Design is regaining that prestige and that important role it had in the past in the creative world and understanding how it works is essential for anyone who wants to specialize in this field.


Let us know a little, tell us what you do, where you came from, where you live.

Today I deal exclusively with communication related to brands, so I’m not a creative that, according to the all-Italian vision, takes care of a bit of everything. Since the end of my studies I decided that specializing in a specific branch of graphic design would be the key to my professional career. I immediately loved branding and I continued to study and deepen its every mechanism. Today I live in London, a place that is a constant stimulus for my profession.


So, get dressed in London: do you miss Italy? What if you miss more?

In fact, after having participated as a speaker at the last edition of the Creative Pro Show and the visibility it has achieved, I often come back to Italy for training events. So no, I do not miss it. When I want to see friends and relatives, I need a two-hour flight to be with them. I take the job with me, it’s the beauty of this profession. All I need is a computer and an internet connection to be in touch with my clients from anywhere in the world.


Related imageThe Italian and London brand design: are there any substantial differences? Who has more taste?

From the beginning of my career I tried to compare myself with the international scene, overcoming what could be a territorial limit. So I would not make a speech related to a specific country or taste, not for my discipline at least. The purpose of a good brand is that it must “work”, its meaning must exceed the limit of the signifier tied to a given place. The aim of a good Brand designer is to choose the right signs to communicate it. That said, I can say that I have seen bad brands and well-designed brands both in Italy and in the UK.


I already know how it happened but others do not: how did you find yourself in the pirates? Why are we here that we are organizing half the world?

I met the Pirates for the first time at the latest Creative Pro Show. Immediately I was struck by the strength and energy of this group of creatives and their union. In those two days I have often been at their stand and I have been able to speak several times with some of them. Almost immediately the desire to work was born, we only had to find the right project.


And then, what happened?

Over the months I have known Patrizia Anna Coccia better, founder of the Pirates and I have confronted her several times with her about the creative sector of our country. I was looking for a person who would follow my training projects in Italy and I had long the idea of ​​organizing a specific workshop on branding. I then proposed to take care of the organization. At that time even Patrizia was thinking about an event entitled “The pirates”, so it came very natural to combine the two things.


How come you love brand design so much, what’s more than some other job?

I love the idea of ​​designing something that will last over time, something not temporary, the image that will accompany a company or a product for several years. And I love doing it in that phase when I’m not on the market yet. For this reason, the way to approach the project is different from the rest of graphic design. We must always have an eye on the future and be able to better express the values ​​of a company through a few graphic signs. A continuous challenge that never lets me get bored.


Why is it good and right to come to your brand design workshop? What’s more than the others?

I do not know what others have, I know what ours will have . I will bring my experience of creative specializing in branding, my freelance experience and my experience as a self promoter. We will analyze the mistakes that are often made when approaching this discipline, share practical advice, tricks and secrets and we will tackle the creative path that leads to the creation of a good brand. All supported by the group of Pirates Charts and sponsors such as Fotolia, Adobe Stock, Exaprint, Blowhammer, 3D Connexion who have thought of exclusive promotions and surprises for all participants. I just have to say hello and give you an appointment Turin on 11 and 12 May or in Rome 8/9 October and Naples 11/12 October. See you in a few weeks people!