Advantages and benefits of laptop, hybrid or tablet for the course

Buying the first computer for home is not easy, it is not easy because of the wide variety of products that the market currently offers us. If we talk about starting the course with a team , with the particular needs of each one, things get complicated. We will help you with the choice, exposing advantages and disadvantages that have the different ways in which today takes shape a computer that can move with us: the most obvious is the laptop , but we must not stop thinking about a tablet as an option.

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As a total solution are the hybrid devices , which offer us both, but first we will see the six main differences between tablets and laptops , which will make it easier for us to understand what we really need:

Six important differences between tablets and laptops

1. The dimensions

The main reason for choosing one or the other device. Tablets are more comfortable to transport because they are all screen, there is nothing else.

Laptops, even the smallest and most expensive, are heavier than a tablet. Obviously they have a keyboard, trackpad and some other internal components, which usually require cooling and more internal space.

2. The methods of data entry

The tablets base their operation on the touch screen , which makes them very comfortable to use, but they are not as efficient at the time of writing as it would be with a keyboard, nor to define a specific point as a mouse does. We would be left with a laptop in the case of those users who need to write a lot , although there is always the possibility of looking for a quality wireless keyboard for the tablet.

3. Storage

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If the amount of information that we want to save is very important, computers have to win here , since there are different types of memories that offer us more space for less price. The tablets base their storage on chip memory, which despite its better performance – speed and consumption – has a higher price than a mechanical disk.

It is true that the tablets do not stop growing, it is easy to see options with 128GB, but the price is much higher than what we have on a computer. A laptop starts on the market with 500GB hard drive, with the possibility of finding SSD disks that work in parallel. Computers also offer much more expansion ports , such as USB or memory card readers.

4. Performance and tasks

If what we are going to do is surf the web, watch video, listen to audio, or write mail: tablets and computers will do the same. We can even say that the former are more efficient in this type of task. If your applications are more complex in interface and demanding in raw power, in addition to needing to do many things at once, then the laptop is your tool.

5. Autonomy

The efficiency of a tablet is greater , its components are designed to work in fairly low consumption modes, since its technology is derived from mobile phones. In addition, almost all the interior of these devices is occupied by a battery.

Laptops are usually much more powerful equipment, something that can be verified in specific and demanding applications. The battery does not occupy a space as important as it happens in the tablets, since it has to leave room for more components.

It is possible to find tablets that reach ten hours of autonomy, with laptops it is difficult to find models that reach half of that figure.

6. The price

The price difference is not as big as it may seem. The tablets can be found at lower amounts, but as soon as you start demanding more capabilities, they are often equated with affordable laptops, even reaching levels of high performance equipment, above 1,000 euros.

Tablet or laptop?

All the aspects discussed in the previous point are interesting to know, we discover strengths and weaknesses of the different types of equipment, but they are not an absolute truth when we talk about systems that overlap in the market : the best tablets can rival in many things with a personal computer – in   benefits and price – despite being conceived differently.

What we need to know is that laptops still offer a very large level of flexibility , allowing us to do anything with them, anywhere. There are some applications that are still private preserve of computers and the possibility of viewing information on a larger screen, you also have to value it.

The tablets gain by their portability and efficiency , in addition to a tactile control system that every day is more capable and comfortable. They are especially good at multimedia consumption, games, or web browsing. They also seem the best option for children to start taking their first steps.

If you are going to start the course and you are going to have to choose a single device , we would recommend a laptop. With it we will be able to do more things, learn to use a more complex system, familiarize ourselves with applications that may be more useful in the educational field, also in the workplace.

Do you already have a personal computer at home ? The same is interesting not to look at the laptop and choose a tablet, it can be a more logical complement. But the thing does not end here, we introduce hybrid devices.

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What is a hybrid device?

In essence a hybrid or convertible is a device that can take the two forms previously explained. Mainly they are laptops to which a touch screen with rotating support is added, getting us to use them as a tablet.

At a higher level of the idea we have the hybrids that are capable of dividing into two parts , separating the screen from the keyboard area. In this case what we get is to have a tablet in hand, like the Microsoft Surface of the previous image.

Clearly it is the trend that is prevailing in the market , the manufacturers try to offer maximum flexibility in a single team in which we find a lot of advantages, but as they are a fairly young type of device, they are not without drawbacks:

A lot of advantages

  • It can be cheaper than buying a tablet and a computer separately
  • The touch screen that we will have will be larger
  • They usually have mechanisms to leave the screen standing , either in the form of a laptop or with supports
  • There are computers with very high power with Intel Core i7 processors
  • Pointers systems with high sensitivity to pressure are introduced. It makes them ideal for creatives

Some inconvenience

  • In most cases they are heavier and thicker than a reference laptop
  • The price is high , the high-end models go above 1,200 euros
  • We have to see if the keyboard is complete, sometimes special designs or reductions are made that everyone does not like
  • The autonomy is somewhat lower than that of a traditional laptop, there is less space for batteries and the touch screen consumes more
  • We have a mechanism of union between parts, usually magnetic. This somehow makes them more delicate than a normal laptop

To recap, there is not a perfect option for all types of users. Each one is going to give it a different use, it will need some specifications over others, and obviously, it will have a budget to acquire the computer. Once the strengths and weaknesses of each option are known, we invite you to know the products in person to make a final decision.