Illustrate the feelings that can not be described in words

Avocado6 is a Japanese artist with the ability to illustrate feelings. He does it in a rather macabre but very direct way. Fears, difficulties, appearances of modern society.

Most images start from the focus of personal feelings, from the head.

Games of personalization of emotions, of shadows, of facial expressions. The human body is perennially at the mercy of the world.

The acceptance of life, the fate on earth seen in a negative way starting from the awakening of the morning, tied to the bed with handcuffs.

The routine that kills. Do the vital energies finish? Here is the illustration with the girl on the ground, ruinous fall, with batteries that come out, probably discharged.

Tiredness, the pain of living.

Illustrate the feelings

Shadows that try to pierce the head, brains that protrude from the skullcap. Some point the gun at the same person who contains them, which in the meantime is lost in bad thoughts. And that does not even notice the external danger (which in reality does not exist in a tangible way).

The harsh reality of modern society

The modern times seen by the eye of a girl who takes a selfie smiling but around is all a mess, it’s all dark and dirty. The appearance of the present day.

A head immersed in the bowl of fish as if to describe the situation of someone who lives in their own world, a situation of profound asociality. This makes me think of the phenomenon of hikikomori widespread in Japan, which is the city of the illustrator.

Few images give us back, however, a minimum of hope even if with a final obviously negative. For example in the image of the girl who puts the little snowman in the freezer to keep it longer. We talk, however, always of a hope that will be broken: the puppet sooner or later there will be more.

The Twitter profile of Avocado6 has almost 700K followers

The info on him is very few: you know that he has written two books and that he can illustrate well. Of if he writes: “I am an ordinary boy who loves chemistry”.

In short, I would say that if we talk about illustrating the feelings, at this point the words start to be too many. Here are the illustrations! Let us know in the comments what you think!

illustrate feelings - avogado6