Motion Tracking and Digital Art

Today the use of art has become maximum thanks to the internet and even the ways of making it have increased dramatically, integrating new materials, new technologies, but above all, new visions of it!

Felix Deimann the author of the video that we will see below, he wanted to pay homage to some of the biggest Olympic athletes of all time, doing a Motion Graphic work, based on the footage of their repertoire, looking for a harmony between abstract forms and movement!

Motion Tracking and Rotoscoping!

To get this result he took these contributions, and on them he performed some operations called “Motion Tracking” and “Rotoscoping”!

Motion Tracking consists in a digital analysis of the video content, which through the points called “Markers” analyzes and records everything that is in motion, thus saving and positioning the dynamics of movements in 3D space based on the calculation of the camera framing, which will also be recreated in 3D!

Rotoscoping is instead a “contouring” technique that is used to move things! That is, as you would do with Photoshop cutting a figure, but animating and modifying the mask, or the masks, frame by frame!

These techniques are today used to make 3D reconstructions to be placed in cinematic scenes, insert characters and fantasy creatures and make them interact with the man, but also most of the modern videogames are more and more realistic, thanks to these techniques.

You can do this type of work now with the most popular software: Adobe After Effects , Nuke , Motion , C4D , Maya , Blender , just to name a few.

The only limit remains the imagination and the ability to use the aforementioned software beyond the knowledge necessary to operate in this sense.

So from both techniques you will clearly get the necessary data to “hook” abstract forms, but also not, and give him that grace and delicacy of movement that we can admire in the video in question!

Good “Motion” to everyone!