News on one of the most popular editing software for 2019

Indesign 2019 news

Image result for indesign 2019There are news, as you well know, in the Adobe world. Today we deal with InDesign: why?

Let’s start here a path in which we will delve into some aspects of this fantastic software to get prepared and super-ready in Rome on 1-2 December. Who will have the good fortune to be of ours, will be able to attend the two days of Indesign Warriors !

We’ll find out everything you can do with InDesign: many people do not know the power of this software and ignore all the nineteen hundred fifty-three functions. No, well, all these are not, but it’s really absurd not to know them because they help in work and make life easier.

As you know, the 2019 version of the Creative Cloud came out on October 15th. Now we will discover together what are the news and improvements that should make the job easier.

“They should” because, as you know, Adobe is always in a hurry to present the new versions and in practice we become their testers, their lab guinea pigs.

All, in chorus, we always repeat that it is a good habit to keep the previous versions at least for the “test” period. Some even advise to keep them for 6 months or 1 year but I’ll be frank: I can not. After a few days, tested the stability, I uninstall the old versions in the hope that nothing will happen again.

But back to Indesign 2019

The news will surely have a positive impact on the workflow, on the layout design options and a marked improvement on functions that are regularly used in the daily workflow.

Importing comments from PDFs
You can now import PDF feedback created in InDesign CC 2019 to review it more efficiently and collaborate more easily with different people. Do you often use this feature?

Adaptation to the page
When you change the size of a document, the text and graphics are reconfigured in one click.

Properties panel
You can access the right controls, at the exact moment you need them, thanks to a more intuitive interface. In theory these are the most sensitive improvements for those who use InDesign and are used to acting in a certain way.

Suitable according to the content
With this new feature based on Adobe Sensei’s machine learning, images are resized and automatically adjusted based on context.

Visual exploration of fonts
It should now be easier to browse the different font classes and find the right font more quickly. You can also choose from several sample text options.

New features added include a filter to display only recently added fonts, an option to preview fonts applied to sample text, the ability to change font sizes while previewing a font and a “Find more” tab that allows you to add other fonts.

Design with colored SVG fonts
Thanks to the support of SVG OpenType fonts, you can now draw fonts that contain more colors, gradients and transparencies.

Footnotes in the tables
Now you can create footnotes in the tables and import them from Word documents. I know, it’s evil but we had to write it by force, be patient. Just go to Type> Convert footnote to final note

Spacing between paragraph styles
It is now easier to insert a spacing between consecutive paragraphs that have the same style. In practice you can better analyze if the spacing before and spacing after the settings affect the space between the paragraphs of the same style.

An option in the Styles dialog box lets you specify a value for the space between paragraphs that have the same style, which will only be used when two consecutive paragraphs have the same paragraph style. When the paragraph style is different, the existing value for Space before and / or Space after will be used. It seems like a play on words but I hope I explained well. No? Then I’ll try again (yes, next year).

Adobe font more accessible
You can view and activate the thousands of fonts available directly in the app. You can preview the selected font in your project, even if it is not activated.

Customizing PDF forms
Now you can change the appearance of exported PDF forms by choosing the fonts to be applied.

Instructions for printers
Simplify the export process by choosing whether or not to include specific instructions for printers.

Beyond these new features it seems they have worked hard on bug fixes. What to say: at least work on old ones to not add them to new ones!

See the next article on InDesign!