One of our favorite stockphoto site is dying

Image result for doors closing gifFotolia closes its doors.

Prima Fotolia, then Fotolia by Adobe Stock, now Adobe Stock. A death announced by that meeting with Adobe. The practice of big companies to integrate smaller companies is widespread: the big feeds on the medium / small, becoming bigger and more invincible, just like Majin bu did in Dragon Ball.

This growth is unstoppable, there are no other companies that, now, can compete with Adobe. There is much to say but I close here, not to make controversy.

Here is the newsletter that I received

Dear Patrizia,

We want to let you know that Fotolia is now part of Adobe Stock and the Fotolia website will close on November 5, 2019.

Adobe Stock offers a unified and advanced platform for purchasing royalty-free resources. Below are some features:

You can find almost all the content offered by Fotolia, as well as an impressive number of over 120 million additional resources, including images from the Premium collection of top artists, videos, design models and 3D resources.
You can purchase stock resources directly from the Adobe Stock website in the same way as Fotolia, but you can also browse and purchase them from the Adobe Creative Cloud apps (including Photoshop CC) and also from Microsoft PowerPoint.
As with Fotolia, you can search for images using keywords, but you’ll also have Adobe Sensei-based artificial intelligence (AI) functions to find similar images, search for images based on certain aesthetic characteristics, and more.

For any questions, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

We thank you for accompanying us in these 13 years of adventure with Fotolia. We look forward to welcoming you to Adobe Stock.

The Fotolia team


I’ve been a Fotolia customer for a long time, a company that has worked with pirates on many occasions. That’s why I moved on and I knew Adobe Stock well: thanks to Fotolia.

I read this conscious email of the excellent Adobe Stock service with the incredible integration it has with the tools I use every day, but Fotolia, especially what was the staff in Italy, was a company that gave me so much.

Image result for sad closing gifWith Fotolia I started working professionally , with Fotolia we introduced the fantastic Ten Collection , we made a beautiful event in Milan with Massimo Nava on creative brushes and unconventional techniques during Viscom.

The quality of the service was accompanied by an incredible staff. People with a thousand ideas, with unparalleled professionalism.

In short, I would like to thank all the staff there, especially in the people of Giorgia Millena and Lisa Sallusto but also the likeable Humbert Glaffo. People I have met on many occasions and that I will gladly see again in the future.

Thanks, Fotolia!

Let’s get ready for the funeral, maybe we’ll call Taffo.