Online courses and free for aspiring animators

Have you ever thought about creating an animated feature film? You are not able to, but would you like to learn?

It’s your dream but you do not know where to start? Now you can try to realize your desires thanks to a free course created by Pixar in collaboration with Khan Academy to enter the world of digital animation and then learn the necessary techniques.

Pixar and Khan Academy, one of the leading companies in online courses, have created Pixar in a Box, a course dedicated to those who want to experiment with digital animation!

To participate in the course just click on the Khan Academy website and start exploring the contents. The very interesting thing is that you do not have to register and you do not even need to follow the mandatory classes in a predefined order: each one can manage independently. The courses are in English so those who do not know it can have some difficulties but it can also be a good reason to learn!

These online tutorials allow aspiring animators to take their first steps in this world, and take a close look at the tools used by Pixar engineers and artists to create some of the most popular animated films in the world. Most of the topics covered begin with a general overview, followed by a second more in-depth lesson. If you think you are faced with simple topics you have a wrong path, since one of the sessions of the first series of videos is about the realization of a “homemade” Ray Tracer by a student.