Spring cleaning on the PC: tricks to go like the first day

Spring is the most revitalizing time of the year. This season encourages us to go out and enjoy the temperature, to see friends, even to visit a beach … but we should also take advantage of that positivity and spring energy to cheer us up and give a thorough cleaning to our beloved computer that we use so much . Do not you think?

Cleaning the computer from the outside and keeping it optimized, safe and up-to-date inside is much easier than you may think, and, in many cases, vital to avoid serious operational problems. We are going to show you some simple tricks so that you and your computer will have a wonderful and functional spring together.

External cleaning of the equipment

The physical cleaning of your computer , be it a laptop or a desktop computer , is basic, both for hygiene and for the proper functioning of all its components . Do not worry if your equipment accumulates dust or dirt, it is normal, the important thing is to clean it before it causes more important damages. Remember that in El Corte Inglés you have a large selection of computer cleaning products .

Clean the monitor

The monitor is one of the peripherals that we will use the most in a computer, be it a laptop or a desktop computer, because thanks to it we can see graphically what happens in the operating system.

For this same reason, the monitor is usually one of the peripherals that most suffers “our company”, and it is easy for it to end up dirty in many ways. We should never disassemble a monitor to clean it, with a dry and soft cloth , or lightly moistened with water (never soaked), should be enough to re-shine like the first day.

There are specific products for cleaning the monitor, such as special cleaning cloths for TFT and LCD monitors, or spray mist sprayers , which eliminate fingerprints and marks that remain on the screen over time.

Clean peripherals (mouse, speaker)

The input and output peripherals (those that allow us to control the computer or obtain information from the computer through them) are usually the most likely to get dirty by constant use.

The current mice luckily do not have a ball (which was very prone to getting dirty), but it is worthwhile to clean their nooks and crannies with a slightly moistened cloth . The same can be said of the trackpad of a laptop. To clean a speaker we can also use a cloth , although, if we have a mini vacuum cleaner of low power, we can get better results with lint trapped in their grids.

To access the most difficult areas to clean, in which it is very difficult to introduce a cloth, the best solution is a spray of compressed air because it has a thin tab that can be easily inserted into the cavities. Note that it also serves for external cleaning of the PC.

Alcohol is also a good ally to use with moistened cloths on certain peripheral surfaces.

Clean the keyboard

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The keyboard is a world apart, as it is a kind of “magnet” that attracts dirt in the form of food or dust, especially if we have the bad habit of eating in front of the computer or at a short distance from it (something we do not recommend) .

To clean the dirt embedded in the keys, nothing like passing the dampened cloth that we are using for other peripherals. Of course, to clean the possible internal dirt it is best to use a small brush between the nooks or even a small vacuum with enough force. To disassemble a keyboard to clean it is quite risky and laborious, you are warned.

Go ahead and clean the internal ventilation ducts

Cleaning the internal fans or heats of a computer is a bit more cumbersome than the previous ones, since we will have to completely open the computer case to clean the ducts, but, in the case of desktop computers, it is not so difficult As you think and it is very important that these elements are free of lint or dust accumulation, since improper ventilation can cause overheating in the equipment and even irreparable damage.

Our working tools will be a suitable screwdriver for each housing, a brush and a vacuum cleaner . After opening the housing with the corresponding screwdriver, we can access the inside of the computer and, being very careful not to damage any internal component, we will use the brush to remove the accumulated dirt in the fans, heatsinks and vents. The vacuum cleaner is the final ally to remove all dirt easily and effectively.

Replaces the thermal paste of the processor

This process is much more advanced than the rest and should be done only if you consider that your computer, even with the fans clean, generates more heat than adequate, or if your team has several years behind them.

Of course, if you dare to do it, your computer will live a second youth , literally. Thermal paste is a chemical compound based on metals that is used, usually, in the area that joins a dissipator of a processor to facilitate the transmission of heat between them.

You have to be extremely careful when removing and disconnecting a heatsink and its fan from the motherboard, since each one is disengaged in a different way , which is usually indicated by arrows or by the naked eye.

The replacement of thermal paste is easy to find in El Corte Inglés , and its price is affordable. Once the dissipator has been removed, we will clean with the help of alcohol and toilet paper moistened in it the remains of paste that may have been embedded both in the dissipator and in the processor, without modifying or passing the paper anywhere else.

Once this is done, we will have to apply the dose of thermal paste with care, trying to make the paste evenly distributed over the surface of the processor. Once this is done, we will just have to replace the heatsink and connect its power cable.

Equipment optimization

Once we have a computer “neat” on the outside, it is time to check if we have a sufficiently optimized system that does not give us problems when using them in our day to day.

Uninstall programs that you do not use

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Normally we accumulate programs on our computer that we do not end up using, for one reason or another, and it is also possible when installing new programs, these install third party programs without notifying us, with the consequent use of unnecessary space on the hard drive. The first clue that we will observe when we have an excess of installed programs is that the computer will go slower , and we will notice it without a doubt.

To solve this, the most logical thing is to uninstall any program that we do not use. This is as easy as going to the Control Panel in Windows and looking for the options “Uninstall programs” or “Programs and features” or the list of Mac applications, and drag the unused programs to the trash.

Sometimes, it is faster and more effective to format the computer and reinstall the operating system than to spend a few hours searching, cleaning and uninstalling applications. Doing one thing or the other will depend a lot on each specific case.

Cleans repeated or unnecessary data

Another of the worst customs that we can have when using a computer is to accumulate data and more data without having an apparent order or concert, this will end up causing, on the one hand, we do not run out of free space for more necessary things and , on the other hand, that our system is overloaded.

The ideal is to eliminate those folders that are useless to us, organize them in our main user folders or extra partitions to store data, and, of course, delete any duplicate file that we have swarming through the system. We will have a much lighter system .

If you also want to completely eliminate the data that you have deleted, something that does not happen spontaneously since there will always be traces, there are professional and affordable solutions to perform deletions of definitive data , without traces.

Store important data on external hard drives

It is very important to get an external hard drive , because, although current computers guarantee the highest quality manufacturing, nothing frees them from suffering an unexpected accident or a cluster of system failures (caused by viruses, for example) that force them to lose all the data that it lodges.

Having an external hard drive to back up that vital data is important and highly recommended. It will also be great for us to transport data from one computer to another and even to enjoy multimedia content such as photos or videos on state-of-the-art televisions.

Get an updated antivirus

We already know that a virus can ruin all our work or personal files in a matter of minutes, so it is important to have the system always protected and updated .

If you do not have an appropriate antivirus or the one you had expired, you can always find a new antivirus according to your needs in El Corte Inglés .

Check that your computer is not infected with malware

Antiviruses are very effective against all types of threats, but in recent times, there are new methods to infect a computer that can not necessarily be classified as a virus.

Malware is an advertising program that is installed on our computer without permission and ends up making the use of our system a whole torture, although usually not as dangerous as a virus. To eliminate them easily we can use tools such as Spybot S & D or adw-cleaner . In fact, here we describe up to 11 free tools to eliminate this type of malicious software.