Texturize a Lizard in 3D!

Hi pirates and pirates! Here I am back with a new article on Blender 3D all for you! What will I talk to you this time?

Still texturing! You never get enough

The last time we treated the UV and I showed you how to do without. This time instead I have in store for you something more interesting !

Many people have often asked me how he made the textures of this lizard :

It so happened that I was already doing a series of videos about this model ( here the article on previous videos). Now, we finally got to the texturization video!

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But let’s get back to us!

What will you find in the video?

Well, to begin with I will show you some free material and that will surely be useful!

Like some videos that will help you better understand the various processing steps that I will show you. There will also be some add-ons that will allow you to speed up the management of UV mappings . And of course a nice collection of references to lizards that I pinned on pinterest.

Then we will go to the display of the commented timelapse that we can divide into:

  • Seam and unwrapping marking for the realization of UV mappings .
  • Creation of the basic node in Cycles with the help of a seamless texture (or seamless texture).
  • Texturing through the use of masks designed by hand to mix the various basic nodes of different colors. Here I will also show you how to use a black and white image as a stencil to speed up the process and get some interesting effects.

I would say at this point that we have enough of the chatter and that we can move on to the facts . So here’s the video ! I hope you can learn something new. Obviously if you have any suggestions to improve my techniques, write them in the comments below!

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