What are the Modern PC? Watch out if you’re looking for a new team this fall

Not many people know the origin of the terms notebook or laptop, how netbooks arose or what were the motivations that pushed the computer industry to create the first ultrabooks. And now, to all this fuss is added a new type of laptop: the Modern PC. And what do you suppose is that of a modern PC? Well, that’s how we’re going to get to know a category of portable personal computers with a multipurpose cut and general orientation.

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Modern PCs emerge a bit as an alternative to the growing specialization of the portable segment. On the one hand we have the most economic and basic equipment, which essentially only serve light office tasks, while at the other end we find the most powerful gaming beasts on the market, with enough muscle to rival the most powerful desktop computers. In the middle, but above all thinking about the base audience, we would find the protagonists of today.

If you are thinking of renewing your laptop for the fall or the new course , pay attention to these teams.

Characteristics that must be met: lightweight, thin and with great autonomy

The truth is that defining the standard Modern PC is not easy. And is that this open definition is not born to pigeonhole a very specific type of laptop, but basically those computers that have no place in other segments much more restrictive. However, it is possible to find some common characteristics that are not always found in the rest of the equipment.

This kind of metacategory , that is why it groups and even drinks from others, is characterized by offering strict design and performance criteria. To begin with, they must be thin so that they can be transported comfortably in a backpack, as well as light. The more, the better. For this reason Modern PCs also include a large number of ultrabooks, particularly those with a higher performance (since this category of ultralight equipment rarely have real gaming pretensions, which would no longer be defined).

As a basic criterion, we could be talking about computers with a maximum thickness of two centimeters. The normal thing, in fact, is around 1.7 centimeters and even less. The weight must move below two kilograms. It is usual for a Modern PC to be around one and a half kilograms, but some extraordinarily light models rub the right kilogram.

Despite this, everyone enjoys batteries with a high degree of autonomy, thanks in no small measure to the fact that almost all of them move between 13 and 15.6 inches. A suitable level part of the 8 hours of autonomy. In the most remarkable cases we can be talking about more than 12 hours, and there are even some with battery to endure a whole day. The interesting thing about Modern PCs is that thickness and autonomy are not always at odds, since they can combine the latest in batteries with extremely efficient low-power processors.

Power and versatility: what are they for and what do they accept?

Now, under those parameters any low-performance laptop could fit under the umbrella of the Modern PC. And an authentic Modern PC is not that. The idea is of these teams is that neither are excessively austere (which would limit their capabilities of use) or hardware (which would exaggeratedly increase its price). They are well balanced machines designed to meet the needs of the common public, from university students to freelancers and professionals. Then we can play to find the most suitable model based on its finest parameters.

As such, a good Modern PC should incorporate an eighth generation Intel Core processor or at least one seventh generation of good performance. These chips not only offer significant improvements in autonomy, but from the Core i5 range and up provide sufficient speed to work with reasonably demanding multimedia applications and (depending on the team) to work with 3D and even throw a game in the breaks.

The general idea of ​​the Modern PC is that they serve much more than moving Office. These teams are prepared to last for years, so they have enough muscle to move with absolute ease the future updates of Windows 10 and all the software that can arrive in the short and medium term. In short, an authentic Swiss army knife as the equipment that we propose below.

Acer Swift 3 Notebook (14 inches)

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Within the Modern PC category, the Acer Swift 3 would be one of the most basic. Which also implies that it is one of the most affordable. This 14-inch computer has a panel with Full HD resolution, a Core i5 processor, 4 GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD that guarantees fast access to your data, but also safe and shockproof.

A good option if we want a modern but affordable computer and that will provide adequate performance for a long time. Its price, reduced by 25%, is 599 euros.

  • Indicated for: professionals and students who value the price and a screen of appreciably intermediate size, neither very large nor very small.

ASUS ZenBook UX430UA Notebook (14 inches)

Asus moves freely within the space of 14-inch laptops thanks to equipment like the ZenBook UX430UA. Superbly crafted with a machined metal chassis, this luxurious, low-weight, low-profile notebook treasures an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD despite its size. Moreover, it even has a sound system signed by Harman Kardon, proving that it does not have to sound thin as a loudspeaker in a can of sardines.

Due to its size and orientation, the ZenBook UX430UA is a brilliant notebook for users who value their reduced weight (only 1.25 kg) and look for advanced multimedia features. Its 8 GB of RAM also provides security when running more demanding applications, and even has a handy USB-C port. It costs 949 euros.

  • Indicated for: users who need a very cheap laptop, with a good amount of RAM and who do not always want to wear headphones.

Portable LG Gram 13Z980 (13.3 inches)

But if what is really important is to concentrate the maximum performance on the lightest possible equipment , there is no more suitable laptop than the LG Gram range. Its extraordinarily slender laptops are a delight to use in any circumstance, with its 13-inch version offering all a next-generation Intel Core i5, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage in an alloy chassis fall-proof, dust and the worst daily abuse.

With less than one kilogram measured on a scale, the 13-inch LG Gram is the true king of feather weights. And despite that, it offers almost an entire day of autonomy, as well as highly suggestive features. A laptop delight that can be yours for 849 euros.

  • Suitable for: professionals looking for an incredibly light laptop, with a sensational battery and high resistance to shock.

HP Pavilion x360 Convertible (14 inches)

A Modern PC, however, you can get out of the usual way factors. A good example is the HP Pavilion x360, a convertible specially designed for its tactile use. This equipment has a brilliant 14-inch IPS screen with a 360 degree hinge that can rotate completely on itself , as well as a Core i3 processor, 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD.

The HP Pavilion x360 would be a good team if we look for a computer to show presentations and photos to colleagues without having to turn the laptop or swirl them next to your screen. While Core i3 processor is not the most muscular of all, we are talking about an eighth generation chip, so it has an adequate performance and also consumes very little. A good work tool that also costs only 594 euros thanks to the current discount of 15%.

  • Indicated for: professionals who usually work with presentations and interactive media.

HP Pavilion 14 Notebook (14 inches)

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The HP Pavilion 14-ce0010ns is a very elegant laptop, one of those devices designed almost for those people who combine the buckles of the belt with the watch and the cufflinks. With a size of 14 inches is not too small or large, but also offers an anti-reflective screen that improves its visibility in sunlight. Its Core i5 processor is accompanied by no less than 16 GB of RAM, and even has an Nvidia MX130 card that allows you to work with some graphic load programs or even spend time with games with very demanding.

This equipment has 1 TB of storage and B & O sound , so its multimedia possibilities are also sensational. It should also highlight the presence of a complete Ethernet connector, which is almost impossible to find. A lot of computer for only 764 euros.

  • Indicated for: students and professionals that require a laptop with more graphic power, a lot of storage and a high visibility screen.

Huawei MateBook D Notebook (14 inches)

Did you know that Huawei also manufactures laptops? Although it is best known for its mobile phones, the Chinese firm has jumped into the computer market with its MateBook D, finely made equipment using aluminum chassis and first-line components. The 14-inch version is also a highly versatile computer, since it combines a Core i5 processor with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage.

Slim and light, it offers a brilliant image thanks to the IPS screen technology and a good sound with Dolby Atmos certification. Beautiful, balanced, well made and with a price of 999 euros.

  • Indicated for: students and professionals looking for a very balanced, beautiful and well-balanced general purpose equipment.

Portable Huawei Matebook D (15.6 inches)

The Matebook D of 15.6 inches, meanwhile, are big words. In addition to offering a larger screen, this team adds to all that said a 1TB hard drive and an Nvidia GeForce 940MX graphics card , which is enough and enough to run the most popular and less demanding Steam games when we want to release pressure. It also sounds very good, since its sound system wisely uses the largest dimensions of the chassis as a sounding board.

Comparatively somewhat heavier but also more powerful in graphic terms, the Matebook D has a price of 799 euros.

  • Indicated for: students and professionals who need an elegant laptop, with a lot of hard disk and a greater graphic power to work in a static position.

Laptop Lenovo IdeaPad 320s (15.6 inches)

Lenovo offers with the IdeaPad 320s-15 a formula that is as well known as popular: a well-made laptop with balanced features and at a reasonable price. This 15.6-inch computer is also equipped with an Intel Core i5 eighth generation processors , as well as 8 GB of RAM and a generous SSD of 512 GB, so saving the heavier jobs will not mean alternating pendrives and cards of memory.

An interesting detail of the IdeaPad 320s-15 is its 180 degree hinge. It does not turn completely like in the case of a Yoga, but it can be flat in relation to the desktop to share content in a very efficient way. Sale for 899 euros.

  • Suitable for: students interested in its storage capacity and easy to share screen.

Convertible Lenovo Yoga 720 (13.3 inches)

The most flexible range of Lenovo has its own name: Yoga. The model 720 is also one of the most popular of the whole family, since its compact 13.3-inch screen is joined by a seventh-generation Core i5 processor and proven performance, 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD. A solvent technical sheet for a small team but very resultón.

The greatest virtue of Yoga 720 is its screen, which can be rotated completely to facilitate its use in tablet format and share images with the people in front of us. It also has support for digital pen , so taking notes and making sketches can not be easier. It costs 1,199 euros.

  • Suitable for: students and teachers who work with presentations or want to take notes on their laptop as if it were a notebook.